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411.Ca – Canada’s Local Search Engine

It becomes very convenient when you simply own a thing because that is when you don’t have to give explanations or you don’t have to make any kind of adjustments for any one. Having a search engine of your own is a remarkable thing to enjoy and Canadians know that very well and that is why they are having 411.ca as their own local search engine.

About 411.Ca

It is a Search engine for the people of Canada in case they want to search for any location, person, item or any other thing within their local range and for that their local search engine is very useful and intellectually very rich in information. Its search results are always very much to the point and relevant and the plus point is that you can also narrow down your search or the region of your search by selecting the distance.

How To Use?

  • Visit: 411.ca
  • Now you can use all kinds of tools to search what you want to. You will be able to speed up your search by using relevant helpful tools.
  • You will find a search tab where you can type your search key words but make sure that you select the right tab to right on because their will be three categories for you to select according to your search which are:

(a)    Business
(b)   Person
(c)    Reverse

  • Once the search results appear on the screen then you can click to check them out but you will also have the chance to narrow down your search by selecting the km distance option from the km scale on the side of the screen and you can also expand your search to get more results.
  • You can take advantage of other tools and benefits by signing up and for that you will have to click on “Sign Up”
  • Then provide your first name, last name, e-mail address and a password.
  • Then provide the code which appears in the block in the required field.
  • You can also sign up through your Facebook, Google or twitter account.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process and then you will simply have to provide your user ID and password to Log in and enjoy the benefits.

You can also add your business details on the search engine for free this will be very good and beneficial for your business and will help greatly in expanding and advertising it.


It’s a very beneficial change for the people of Canada specially and just like many other search engines and social networking sites it is majorly free of cost. It is equipped with so many tools and options and that is why it has proved to be very successful among people.

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