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Abercrombie Online Gift Balance Checking

As well as providing nice clothes, Abercrombie and Fitch make it easy for you to use your gift card and make sure that you are kept up to date with your balance. The last thing you want to do is to select the items that you want and then find out that you don’t have the funds to pay for them. By going online you will be able to check your balance whenever you want and never have to miss out on a bargain because you were unsure as to whether or not you could afford it.

Check Your Gift Card Balance:

  • Firstly you will need to log onto the website to find what is left on your card. The site address is abercrombieandfitch.com
  • There is a box that lists all the countries that are supplied to and you choose your country from there.
  • Each country is registered with a three letter code – if you do not see your country then select USA and you will still be able to proceed.
  • You will need to have your card with you as you have to enter the 12 digits number along with your PIN. The numbers that you need are found on the back of the card and each card will have a unique code.
  • If you have an e gift card then you need to go through the same process although you will not have a physical card, but the details are still available.
  • When you receive the e mail with details of your e gift card there will have been a number provided and that is the one that you have to put in.
  • As long as all the details are entered in the correct place then you will be able to check your balance.

The site is secure and you will not lose out by regularly checking your balance.  Online checking is as safe as it would be going into the store and is a lot less time consuming. Follow the steps above and you will not have any problems at all.

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