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Access Sunbiz Electronic Certification Online

Sunbizallows its customers to submit data to the division for authentication. The company designed a simple and easy to use method for electronic documentation. Log in and track certificate of status online without extra charges. Users can download the material online from their website. Follow your documents and take prints for your records. You just simply need a computer with an internet connection to start the process. To apply, you must be a legal resident of Florida with an effective prepaid account. If you don’t have a prepaid account yet, you must build it first in order to process application online.

  • Go to the link at sunbiz.org/e_cert.html from your web browser to start the process online.
  • Get access to the desired page by following the above link, click on “Certificate Of Status” from the option provided.
  • Provide the requested information to process application.
  • You must have your report number on hand.
  • Enter your report number in designated field and hit on “Submit” button and follow the direction to finish the certification process.

Ending Note:
Access Sunbizand and get the related data and documents online through a secure server. Your information is completely secure and safe in the database. Log in and get access to records anytime, anywhere. This may take a couple of minutes to complete the process.


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