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Add ‘Atmosphere’ and an Audio Message to Your Snaps using Melodigram

The Melodigram app for iOS lets you add background sound as well as audio messages to a photo. You can easily share the links of those photos on your favorite social media networks as well as via SMS and email. Today, it has been announced by Finnish, a startup, that it is closed €700K in terms of funding from Finland’s Vauraus.

Created in 2012 by ex-Nokian and CEO Jonathan Messy, and CFO Samu Keranen, also the CEO of karoke startup SingOn, Melodigram is hailed as a social network in itself and aims at content creation as well as external sharing. The most amazing thing about it is that you don’t even need to register to use this service.


We are too busy to express our emotions in our messages on social networks these days. With the aid of Melodigram, you can easily append your words or some special sounds to your photos. For example, you want to wish your friend a happy birthday, then a simple text or photograph wouldn’t suffice at this stage. You must provide something extra ordinary that would add life to your photos. Melodigram aims at changing this worthless way of wishing others with involvement of hardly any kind of emotions.

It is another debate that whether adding any sound or video to the photos would add life to them or not from the point of view of the readers or the person seeing your photos. If the matter is only restricted to sharing the sound along with the photos then Melodigram is not the only one in the market to do that. There have been some other gadgets too that provide similar facilities. For example, Picment is a similar app for Android, and Reclog is another example from Italian startup.

Melodigram app

It has been observed that popular apps like Flipagram, Wordeo, and PicPlayPost are working in the similar realm as Melodigram, but they are focused at sharing small video clips. However, Melodigram adds an audio message to the photos.

The startup expects to get the revenues using a B2B model in which the brands will be charged to run the campaigns and competitions through the app.

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