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Add Roadrunner Web Mail To Outlook

In modern times, we get to see advancement in every little thing. Same is the case with the progress of different companies. They are prospering due to the great number of services they provide to their customers. With the passage of time these companies keep on adding something new and exciting into their work for grabbing the attention of more and more customers. Now the services of Outlook give you the facility to add Roadrunner web mail to your outlook. This will create greater ease for the people. If they are aware of all the instructions then they can easily complete this process.


  • The very first you are required to do is install Outlook in your computer. If your new computer has come with the Office suite already installed in it, then there is no need to install Outlook.
  • If you have downloaded it from the internet, then it is necessary to register it with Microsoft other being a trial version it will disappear after a few days.
  • Search for all your information of account. If you have forgotten your username and password then you can easily visit the help center on their page. Over there you will see various options for your assistance.
  • Open the Outlook program and click on the Tools option, from its drop down menu select the ‘accounts’ option and then from there click on ‘Add’ option.
  • Choose the type of account you want, yours will be ‘email account’ and click Next button.
  • Select your name through which others will receive your email. Make sure that the name which you choose helps people to identify you. This name will appear in the field of ‘from’ in email.
  • In the required box, you need to enter your email address which you got by them.
  • Select ‘Pop3’ for your email server type. Confirm all other details.
  • You can verify this process by clicking on the ‘send/receive’ button that will appear on the Outlook program.

Tips And Warnings:

  • For any further details, related to your setup you can contact their service provider.

About Company:

This company is a web mail account through which you can login and check your email on internet. By using this username and password all of your emails inboxes can be checked quite easily. This web mail account has created much ease and comfort for the people.

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