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Adobe Revel Launched for Android as Photo Sharing and Editing App

Cloud computing is being hailed as the biggest improvement in the sharing of data online. Apart from various services, and apps that work over the cloud, photo sharing is also quite efficient over the cloud. Services like Imgur and Flickr are already very popular among users who like to share their images and photos online. Adobe is also providing a similar service called Adobe Revel that has been around for considerable amount of time now for Windows 8 and as an RT app. Revel has now recently arrived for Android as well. The app provides the syncing of photos over the cloud for viewing on desktop, handsets, and the web.

Parallel to its modern counterpart, Adobe Revel allows its users to upload videos and photos, organizing them into albums, and editing photos right away using basic editing tools such as the ones used in the Company’s Photoshop Express app.

The feature that makes Adobe Revel stand different from the other cloud backup is that collaboration feature that involves other people also so that they can upload images with you.

You can sign in into Adobe Revel using an account in Adobe, Facebook, or Google. New users can register without leaving the app.

Adobe revel

The users of the Adobe revel will see the current photo libraries on the home screen of the app. You can easily navigate between Library, Album, Favorites, and Activity Tabs using horizontal swipes.

The app allows you to create new libraries from your Android device. In order to perform that function, you need to swipe from the left edge of the screen, and select the ‘Create a new library’ from the following sidebar and then uploading the images that are desired to be uploaded. Total number of free uploads are limited to 50 for free accounts.

Adobe revel libraries

While viewing the images, you can perform several functions such as adding captions or playing a slideshow. The photos can also be edited.

Google Play Store

Adobe Revel can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The link is provided below.

Download Adobe Revel from Play Store

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