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Check American Express Gift Card Balance Online

The prepaid payment device introduced by the Amex bank of Canada is known as American express gift card. The dollar value is set either at the time of purchase by the purchaser or is written on the front of your card.  This is not involved in the category of credit card or American express credit card. You can check your balance or can check the information about your previous transactions online. The Canadian deposit insurance corporation neither insures your balance of your card nor insures your gift card. In Canada and United States where the American express cards are accepted the gift card can be used for the purchase purposes. This gift card is neither changeable nor can be refunded again once the money is finished. This is providing online services to check your balance which saves your time which was wasted in going to the American express location.

About Company:

American express company is the official name of American express and it is also called Amex. For 160 tear it is serving for the people as an international financial services corporation and it is located in United States, and it is providing financial and banking service to its customers. The consumed amount of money on this card is greater as compared to other credit cards. Online services can be used at anytime and anywhere you want to.


  • Visit americanexpress.com/MyGiftCard
  • There is a button which is marked as “check your balance”, click on it
  • There is a field with the text “gift card number” write your gift card number in the required field
  • There is a button which is marked as “see available funds and history”, click on it
  • Follow the next given instruction to check your balance of American gift card


  • You must have a computer which can access internet
  • You must have activated your gift card
  • You must be of 18 or older


This service has made easy and convenient way of shopping with gift card. It also provides a safe account and the security of your account. If your card is lost you cannot transfer your money to any other account instead your money if unused can be refunded.

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