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AnyFont: iOS App that lets you have additional fonts

iOS presents the best and aesthetically pleasing environments for content creation, reading and presentations. If you are the one who always wants a new font to add charm to your content, than you need something extraordinary because you can’t introduce new fonts on your own, even in native iOS. Apple always serves its consumers with the blend of rich apps that can fulfill the user’s requirements for customization. One such usable app for Apple iOS 7 is AnyFont. It is an application that makes different fonts conceivable and permits you to add useful writing charms to your applications. The utility is cheap and costs a measly $2. In the event that you consistently perform content creation on iOS, this clever utility will be helpful to expand your content horizon and stretch your font skyline. It is really easy to use and provides a user-friendly functionality.

AnyFont iOS App

You can easily perform this by opening the OpenType or TrueType font on your iOS gadget from the Apple Configurator from the Mac App Store, than use the ‘open within alternative’ option which will open the font  in any required location just like drop box. In a window every font is aligned, tap the font of your choice and AnyFont establishes a setup profile. This tap will work as a hack, trapping the fonts and leading them to any applications from where you can pick the font. In this way the fonts are installed in either TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) format.  Now these fonts can be used for any application residing anywhere in the system. However it will have great benefits with applications like Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

It is also possible to e-mail or message it rather than passing through the way of iTunes and then can be opened in AnyFont. This truly meets expectations!

But one thing must be kept in mind that changing fonts adjusts your framework records on your iOS software. You ought to dependably have a current reinforcement in recovery and know how to restore your phone back to previous settings.


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