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Apple Releases Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C To Boost Sales

Apple has decided to add a cheaper version of the 8GB iPhone 5C to its lineup of smartphones. It first appeared on O2’s (a UK carrier) site but now has been added to multiple international Apple stores including Australia, China and the UK. It’s priced at £429. But it hasn’t been announced in the US, where the price will likely be somewhere around $499. The only difference from the iPhone 5C launched back in September is that this cheaper one has reduced storage. It still has the 4 inch retina display, the A6 processor and an 8 megapixel camera. It’s not unusual for Apple to change storage options of their product, but they usually add more storage for photos, music, videos, etc. The fact that they released a version with less storage means that Apple’s mid-level smartphone is not performing too well. Even though Apple’s executives have never shown any signs of disappointment with the phone, it is underperforming and is nowhere as near as popular as mid-level Samsung smartphones. It is selling better than the iPhone 4S, so that is a good sign.

iPhone 5C

If anything is to be taken from this, it’s that customers prefer the company’s top smartphone; the iPhone 5S. Even CEO Tim Cook admitted that ratio between the two phones did not match what they had planned. The ration was very much in favor for the iPhone 5S, but even then Tim Cook hinted that there might be a cheaper iPhone 5C coming soon. When he talked about the iPhone pricing procedure, his words were that if they think it’s in their best interest to make a change in price, then they will make one. The fact that a cheaper iPhone 5C is now available seems like Apple made that change. Now that the iPhone 6 is ready to come out soon, it’s likely that customers will be forgetting about the iPhone 5C even more. Whatever time is left until the release for the iPhone 6; Apple is hoping customers will give in and consider purchasing a cheaper iPhone 5C to boost their sales. Then again, why not spend a little bit more and get an iPhone 5?

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