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Apply For Express Outlet Credit Card Online

Express outlet credit card is an easiest and convenient way for shopping. Visit your nearest store or order online, your card will pay for you. Credit card application is simple and takes a few minutes to complete.


  • You are required to open the link which is https://www.express.com/account/credit-card-application.jsp in order to start the application.
  • The above link will get on credit card application page. You need to fill out all required fields with requested information.
  • Click the down arrow and choose the name of your country.
  • Enter your forename, middle initial and last name in given fields.
  • You need to input your residential address. Enter your address line 1, address line2 and city name in which you are living.
  • Click the down arrow and choose the name of your state.
  • You need to input a valid ZIP code.
  • Enter your social security number in given field in order to verify your identity.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Certify your age with your accurate date of birth. Select the month, day and year you were born.
  • Enter your email address in specified field. This ID will be used for electronic communication.
  • Re-enter your email address for verification.
  • Click the box if you would like to receive the special offers and promotions.
  • Read electric consent statement and click the box in order to accept terms and conditions.
  • Click the “Submit To Open An Account” button in order to continue.

Ending Note:

Get your credit card and pay bills for your orders. Enjoy online shopping and clear your payments with just a few clicks through your card.

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