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Ativ One 5 Style By Samsung: The Galaxy-Styled PC

LONDON: this isn’t a big Galaxy Tab. Ativ One 5 Style tends to be the newest touch-screen all-in-one PC by Samsung and it is hopeful to be the office, media centre and TV. Putting aside the daft name, it is styled like tablet range of company’s Galaxy, boasts complete touch-enabled HD 21.5-inch of display, along with one processor quad-core.

The Design:

From front, Style seems as one big Galaxy Tab. Like other Tabs, it is glossy, crisp white affair with white thick bezel that’s surrounding its screen. Around its edge is same band of chrome effect that Samsung uses over most of Galaxy phones and tablets.

If you happen to be one dedicated fan of Samsung with the Galaxy Notes, Tabs and S4s spread around, it will be right at your street. Those who like Apple’s MacBooks and iPhones’ metal design, then probably you wouldn’t be one fan, instead look at the new skinny iMacs of Apple. It looks quite attractive. White, somewhat, is overpowering, though it would not look out of the place on a side in the living room, instead of being hidden in some dusty office.

It is also supported by a white stand which plays host again to chrome edging. The screen could slightly angle back, though it has quite narrow motion range.

Back of Style is wide expanse with more white glossy plastic. All the ports are tucked in this shiny plastic. There are 2 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 ports, card slot for SD, audio jack, Ethernet port as well as HDMI out. There is also one HDMI input that allows one to hook with it Blu-ray player or games console, effectively using Style to serve as TV.

Ativ One 5’s Screen:

Its display that’s touch-screen is 21.5-in on diagonal and it boasts 1,920×1,080 pixels resolution, that is full HD. It is perfectly poised in playing back full videos HD from the YouTube or a Blu-player connected, while being enough sharp for many computing tasks day-to-day.

Interface of Windows 8 seemed quite crisp with the sharp edges that are around icons as well as clear text. If one wants loads of pixels, he should look at the Ativ Book 9 by Samsung, recently announced. Display is bold and bright, so it is fine for social networking, videos and other needs of family.

Windows And Specs:

Full Windows 8 version is used by it that can let anyone install any ordinary desktop software, instead of relying only on what could be found in an app store. Soon, Windows 8 will get major upgrade which will be offered free to the existing users of Windows 8 and therefore, Style would be eligible of getting it. It is running on quad-core processor that’s AMD’s courtesy.


With the white glossy styling of Galaxy Tab, Ativ One 5 Style would probably appeal only to the ones who like rest of the Samsung’s lineup of product. It is a compact all-in-one which could comfortably be placed over any surface. It has enough features that could keep any family or a student in dorm contented. It is expected the price that Samsung asks for it is reasonable.

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