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Bank Of Scotland Gives Home Insure With No Interest

Choose Bank of Scotland for your home insurance, you will not be charged for interest to pay monthly by direct debit but you have to maintain your monthly payments up to date. You will be able to access dedicated call centers. Qualified claim supervisors will be there to answer all your questions, if you need help to file claim. Start a quote now, getting a quote is quick and easy. It will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Follow the sequence of instructions given below to get started.


  • To get a quote, you need to open link at bankofscotland.generalinsurance-system.co.uk/ECommerce/Views/Welcome/Welcome.aspx web address and start the application.
  • Read information about home insurance procedure. You will see a button marked “Start Quote”. Press this button to get started.
  • You will see an online application form. Fill in the form with accurate details.
  • First you need to provide the information about property to be insured.
  • You need to enter in your house name or number.
  • You need to provide the post code.
  • Click the down arrow to choose the cover you require.
  • In next section you need to enter in your property details.
  • Select property type and complete further required fields with accurate details.
  • Click on the button that says “Next” in order to proceed.
  • On next screen you need to provide information about yourself. You need to enter in your name, address and contact information in given online form.
  • Next identify the cover needed, your quote and payment information.

Your will be able to get exclusive benefits and advantages. There will be no interest; you can spread your payments over 12 months and receive accidental damage to video audio, TV, and PC equipment.

To complete this application you need to provide your post code. System is updated with new postcodes regularly. Contact call center at 0800 328 3946 if you are having difficulty in accessing your postcode online. If you are having issues with your application, contact call center at 0800 328 3764.

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