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CALCU- A Robust Calculator App Full of Themes and Features

We all have used the standard operating system calculator haven’t we? The simple inbuilt app in most platforms gives us the customary satisfaction for the simple calculations that we face in our everyday lives. But if you are looking for some real hardcore calculating for your business or just pure hobby, there are a variety of calculator apps available on the market like DLD Calc, myscript calculator and many others. One of the new additions to this app field is the new CALCU: The Ultimate Calculator.


This app aims to revolutionize the entire calculating experience by innovation. With interface and different other types of customizations available, this app surely is the new things around. The interface is well thought of and crafty in appearance. There are a variety of useful animations available that appear between calculations to aid them.

If you are bored with the current interface, there are 12 different types of skins available that you can shed and do a complete makeover. The problem with the platform calculator is that the transition from normal to scientific mode is tedious and the scientific one is not user friendly for us to use, however in CALCU, the transition can be done in a single snap.

CALCU Customizable

Gesture support for our precious calculations isn’t the apps priority as it seems with it only supporting a couple of additional features that the users would want to access more often. Then there are a couple of clearing and performing calculations that can be changed from Settings>Labs. You can swipe the calculation keyboard in and out of the picture and easily tap the results into a clipboard to examine them. The device is very handy in this regard. All of the calculations that you have performed automatically save in the clipboard and only you can voluntarily delete it from the list.

CALCU screen
The inbuilt calculators had none of that feature and always left you frustrated about your previous calculations and their results. All the basic features of a “contemporary” calculator are added in this app. You can add all basic operators, trigonometric functions, their inverses, logarithmic functions and exponential functions.

There is a list of custom constants you can use from Physics or mathematics. However, you can also define your own constants and variables to aid in your calculation. By using the settings screen, you can easily toggle the results and use them.


CALCU is a useful app that has done good business in the little time around. But it is yet to be seen if it can become the market leader in its domain.

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