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Login At CCS To Get Online Access

If you are an employee of Continental Airline, you will be required to use the Crew Communication System website (see link below) all the time. This site is specifically designed in order to make all the member of the crew communicate when they are using their mobile phones or laptops.

Logging into your CCS account for the Crew Communication System is pretty easy; however you could find it difficult to access this site if you do not have the necessary information needed to login. The CCS website is very well known among Continental Airline workers.

Logging In At Crew Communication System Website:

  • First go to the CCS website (see link 1 below).
  • Then type in your Login ID and CCS Password.
  • Then click on the “Login” button.

Managing Your Login:

When it comes to managing your login at CCS, you can click on links in order to do the following.

  • Change your CCS password.
  • (L-CAL)  Change the company password.
  • (L-UAL) Change company password.

If You Have Problem Logging In?

If you have trouble logging in at Crew Communication System site, you can click on the link “Check Scheduled Outages” or the “Additional Login Help” link.

Please Note:

When you click on the “Check Scheduled Outages” link or the “Additional Login Help” link you will be re-directed to a new window where you will need to enter your details for verification.

  • You will be required to type in your Employer ID, Social Security Number (SSN) or Global ID (which should be only numerical figures).
  • You will also need to type in your date of birth (in the order of month, day and year) and then click on the “Continue” button when you are done. But if you are a tad bit confused, you should click on the “Help” button instead.

Tips And Warnings:

  • You cannot log into the CCS website if you ARE NOT an employee working at Continental Airlines!
  • Without your Company Password and CCS Password, you WILL NOT be able to login at CCS.

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