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Apply Online At Texas OAG Child Support For Establish Paternity

The Attorney General’s Child Support Division has an authority to support parents in acquiring the monetary uphold indispensable for children to act like an adult and succeed in life. To support parental avocation, the Attorney General secures paternity of kids, builds court requests for fiscal and therapeutic backing and overwhelmingly upholds underpin requests. The Attorney General pushes the passionate inclusion of both parents in the life of the kid by working with neighborhood bunches, schools and clinics. Lawyer General Representatives will perform their callings in an effective way to minimize citizen liability and in a well-disposed mold to amplify client fulfillment.


  • For this you should be mother and have physical custody of children.
  • Children lives with and due to absence of biological father you have not paternity.

How To Apply?

  • Open your internet browser and click on this link childsupport.oag.state.tx.us to apply for the paternity.
  • On accessing the home page see the tab “Apply For Services” click on it and move on the next page.
  • On the next page long document will be present with detailed description of the child support benefits.
  • Scroll down the page you will see the table having two columns, click on “Apply Online” under the caption “Establish Paternity”
  •  On the next page you will see the whole processing procedure read it before going next at the last of the page click on “To Begin”.
  • Give your non disclosure information like option about the identification information and protective orders.
  • After that enter full name, mother maiden number, relationship of kid, date of birth and place of birth.
  • Provide your birth place state, social security number, driver license, ID state, appearance information, language and physical address.
  • Give your mailing address information and after that enter employer’s name and their address.
  • Choose the benefits and click on “Continue” button and complete the other steps.


  • You can give the child protection by brought up him with great care.
  • You can get care benefits for your child’s secure future.

Closing Statement:

Its main Office gives parents a full extend of kid back administrations at no expense. The administrations are needed by elected law and subsidized by the central government and the State of Texas.

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