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ClassDojo Helps Parents and Teachers keep kids in line at school

Parents always seems worried about the performance of their children at school. All parents want their child to perform best at school so that in the future, he/she can achieve a better place in society. On the other hand, schools also try to satisfy the demands of parents. Of course parents are their primary client and apart from educating the children, it is a business for them. In order to satisfy the parents, schools arrange parents- teachers meetings as well so that parents can directly interact with the teachers and ask about the strengths & weakness of their child. Now, technology has made this interaction easier and parents do not need to go to school for the inquiry of their child.

By the help of the ClassDojo app (http://mobile.classdojo.com/get-ios-app), now parents can get the updates of latest events of the school and performance of their child at home. By installing this application, they can directly interact with the teachers. This application is also helpful for the teachers. Specific codes are assigned to the teachers and parents. So that they can easily communicate with each other and teachers can easily remember all parents. Furthermore, we will look at the specification of this particular application.

Improve behavior

This application helps in improving the behavior of the students. In case of any misbehavior by a student, his/her parents can receive the information about it. As far as its advantages are considered, it can be said that this particular application helps in increasing engagement and promoting healthy behavior.

Sharing data

Through this application, teachers and parents can share data with each item. Teachers can send the performance report of the child to the parents. Also, they can share the daily work improvement of the student. Parents can check that their child is performing in the class.

ClassDojo app

Monitoring the performing of teacher

This application is also useful to monitor the performance of the teachers. In this way, teachers can get incentives as well administration of the school can evaluate any teacher by gathering the opinion of parents about him/her.

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