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Don’t Pause Automatically Mutes Notifications While Listening to Music

It is natural to be a lover of music in the world of today. Most of the people would be found listening to their favorite music on smartphones. However, media players don’t support making the notifications during the songs muted. Whenever an email or text is received during the music, the OS pauses the song for a few seconds that is quite annoying for the users listening to their favorite music. Sometimes, the notifications are not more important than the activities that you are performing. You would like to delay the notifications for some amount of time. To work out this problem, ‘Don’t Pause’ has come to the rescue of Apple’s smartphone users.

Don’t Pause’ is a free app that puts your phone on vibration mode while playing a song, and enabling the normal mode when you are not using media player.  It can even be enabled and disabled on the fly. It supports quite a convenient interface.

This app is not entirely new in the world of nifty apps. Back in January, a similar app was released called “Shush” that automatically put the mobile on silent mode when you are using it and back to the normal mode as soon as it gets idle. Don’t Pause is a minimalistic design of Shush with special focus on media player applications. The developer has taken inspiration from the Shush app while creating this wonderful app.

When the amazing feature of “Don’t Pause” is enabled, this program runs in background that allows you to listen to your favorite parts of the music while muting all the notifications. The great feature of this app is that, it doesn’t require any kind of complex configuration. It just requires you to tap the green button to start monitoring the playing of audio files on your media players for muting the notifications. You will be able to listen to your favorite songs without any kind of interruption as this app will take care of your interest in the music. You will be able to ignore some undesired notifications for the time being that will be stored in the background for viewing later on.

This wonderful app is available for free on Google Play store. You can easily download it to your device from the link provided below.

Install Don’t Pause from Play Store

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