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Dynamic Color Changing of iOS Keyboard Based on the App

The jailbroken phones always surpass its jailed counterparts in terms of the apps that can be easily installed on it. You can make plethora of modifications on jailbroken phones after getting over the restrictions imposed by Apple. Another great app called as AdaptiveKeyboard has been launched that allows the keyboard of iOS to change color dynamically according to the dominant color in the app you are using. This tweak provides a wonderful aesthetic sense to the iOS. It will definitely make your typing experience really great.


AdaptiveKeyboard aims to add some innovation to the simple and convenient to use Keyboard for typing purposes. As opposed to the competitor Android, Apple doesn’t allow the apps to manipulate much about its keyboard, let alone the alternate keyboard that can be easily customized across your entire smartphone.

In order to get unlimited advantages from iOS, jailbreak feature is used. You would be familiar with the similar app of TouchPal available on Cydia. The users might not be in the favor of changing the keyboard entirely. They may want to add some tweak to it for changing its color according to the app. AdaptiveKeyboard does exactly the same thing by updating the color of the keyboard to match with the color of the icon of the app. The screenshots are provided below for better understanding.

AdaptiveKeyboard Icon

It is quite possible that app contains plenty of colors in its icon. In that case, AdaptiveKeyboard will update the color of keyboard after finding out the most dominant color. Consider the case with Facebook where ‘F’ is written in white while the rest of the icon is blue. Hence the dominant color is blue and that what sets the color for keyboard via AdaptiveKeyboard.

AdaptiveKeyboard contains a complete package. That means you either have to accept it all or remove it entirely. For example, there could be cases in which you don’t like the color of the keyboard to follow the color of the app. You can’t do anything to mitigate this situation because the app cannot customize the colors according to user’s choice. The developer will have to address this issue carefully. The app doesn’t even get listed in the iPhone Settings app.

AdaptiveKeyboard is available for downloading for jailbroken iPhones via the Modmyi repository in Cydia. You don’t need to find any special sources to download from. It will just cost you $0.99.

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