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Enhance Experience on Volume Control on Android through Persist

Do you want smart methods of turning your mobile to silent mode once you are in the official meetings or at work? Do you want to avoid your roommate from getting teased with your loud ringtone? The Android features are not that efficient in the volume control management. It doesn’t provide much control over the volume produced from various sources of your mobile, let alone the wonderful features provided by other older phones of Nokia and Samsung. If you want to perform more customizations, then you should give Persist Volume Control a try. This app provides great control over acoustics of your Android device by providing the options for setting variable volume levels for notifications, alarms, ringer, media, in-call sound, system, and for creating volume settings for other situations.

As the name implies of ‘Persist’, it constantly runs in the background, and can be easily launched by tapping the shortcut in the notification area that displays the audio levels for seven different kinds of audio sources in your mobile. It also allows you to jump to either app’s main screen or to its profile presets section. The main screen provides the sliders for adjusting the sounds of each kind of sound source. The most amazing feature is the profile presets feature.

Persist Volume Control

If you want more customizations then the Presets is the right place for you. The settings under Presets allow you to customize the settings of various profiles to be activated at different times of the day such as silent modes during meetings or while sleeping etc. You can make your own profile keeping in view your requirements.


In order to create a new profile, you need to tap the ‘+’ button at the top and assign it the name of your liking. The screenshot below provides an example. The volume sliders then can be adjusted for different types of volume parameters and applications. You can easily set the individual ringtones or alert sounds for different types of audio.

The audio parameters can be easily added by first tapping the ‘Add Settings’ button available at the bottom and choosing the type of audio from the following menu. You can also choose the icon type from some options provided for different sound parameters.

audio parameters

The app is free, but the paid version Persist+ provides the functionality without annoying ads and has option for automated profile changing based on day, time, and location.

Install Persist from Play Store (Free)

Install Persist from Play Store (Paid)

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