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Enjoy Halifax £100 Switching Offer To Get Bunch Of Benefits

By creating switch bank account you can earn £100 to earn benefits easily. This offer is now available for the new or existing users who are using the benefits of this bank. For the new users have to create new account and existing you don’t need to create new one account they can only just login to the account and they can access the existing services here.



To Access This Account Services:

New Member To This Account Service:

  • If you are new here and want to access this account service then you have to choose or compare the account for that you want to get registered here by “Sign Up here”
  • Get online access to the online application for getting registered here and you have easily get registered here by providing your personal details and you  can easily be a owner of new account after that you can access the switching form to apply for this account benefit services.

Existing Customers Access:

  • For accessing this account service you need to have “login” to you account by providing your username and password.
  • After that access this link https://secure.form.halifax.co.uk/application/account_transfer.asp and to get this switch account fill the online form.
  • You have to enter your account details like account number, sort code, billing society roll number, name of account holder of non Halifax account.
  • Now you have to provide these above details for the Halifax account also.
  • Enter your contact details and mark on the terms and conditions options and after that click on the button “Submit” to get the account authentication.
  • After that you have to print your credit report and have to access this link www.directdebit.co.uk/sitecollectiondocuments/account_switching_credit_redirection_letter.pdf for credit redirection letter access.
  • Fill out this form with all required details to access this service.

Why This Account is Good For You?

Here you will find the answer of your question!

  • By this offer you can earn £100 immediately.
  • Company has recently won the 5* ratting for its switching services by company Defaqto the financial institute.
  • They have currently got achievement award for their account services in 2013.C


This bank is offering you the best account offer according your personal banking and credit power; you can login to your main account and get online e-statements of your transactions easily!

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