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Explore Career At USPS & Make Your Future Work

Who assumed that looking for a job is never cool? Use United States Postal Service (USPS) tools to find jobs over the internet. Just provide some basic information to start online search, including personal details, area of interest, qualification and email address. Get all possible opportunities in a single platform. Follow the steps below to apply.

  • Visit the link at about.usps.com/careers/welcome.htm from your browser.
  • Once on the page, click the link “Search Latest Job Opening”at the right side of the page and you will be directed to the next page to start your search.
  • Enter keyword in the designated box.
  • Select search criteria for employment opportunities.
  • Choose your location from the options provided and select your preferred functional area.
  • Click the button “Start” to continue.
  • Look through the search results and click on “Apply” to apply.
  • Register your record by providing general information and provide your email address.

Ending Note:
You are allowed to set up your professional profile about highlights of your capabilities, eligibility and professional experience, etc. Employers will check your profile and contact you if you will be suitable for the job. No need to follow different portals to search opportunities. Get all openings in a one place. Apply now and make a brighter future with USPS.


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