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Fieldrunners 2 For Android: Bigger And Improved Tower Defense

The Good: in Fieldrunners 2, there are 20 towers from which to choose. The different modes of the game make it more than just a typical game of tower defense.

The Bad: the firing range of all different towers could not be seen at once. A practice or training mode would have been nice.

The Bottom Line: New weapons and maps make Fieldrunners 2 much better than original.

Quick Specifications

  • Category Games
  • Platform Android
  • Manufacturer: Subatomic Studios

Fieldrunners 2 is sequel to earliest and quite famous games of tower defense open-field, which is now available with Android finally and is better than even the original one.

It is set in modern era in high-tech and comical warfare. Fieldrunners 2 pits one against one wave after another of jeeps, military units and soldiers. In order to fend these waves off, one needs to use the turrets for creating a destruction maze. Like in original Fieldrunners, getting the turrets set up in mazelike formation happens to be of immense significance as one has to keep enemies in the range of firing for as much time as possible. Keeping this in mind, one will have to force enemies to go double back as well as walk in paths which are S-shaped if one has to inflict damage to the maximum.

The sequel has additionally added fixed-path game play where one has to build the trenches in. the basic strategy for levels of these sorts is totally different that adds more fun than there is already to the rich game. Since it is not you who are determining the path, it is best to diversify and also spread units effectively.

If one of the units is tapped, one can see the firing range that helps to arrange the battlefield quite effectively. What cannot be seen is firing ranges that are of different units all at once. This feature might be available in some future release.

Going from upwards to the bottom, Fieldrunners 2 is like a totally rebuilt game. With more than only maps and art that is updated, this sequel provides 20 levels that bring war to landscapes which are urban and sandy deserts and grassy fields,

A good part about Fieldrunners 2 is the turrets’ or towers’ huge assortment. In total, there are twenty of them and all deal with a different damage type. Missile turrets, glue guns and staple-machine guns are present from first game. Now there also exist some new weapons, which include tower that can fling bee hives as well as another that can attack an enemies’ row across your entire screen. If there is some one quite good, he can unlock that tower which turns enemies to barnyard animals. The game also includes the new abilities one can call in such ass landmines or missile strikes when things tend to get very tough.

The game has now come with game types more than before and that too for more value of replay. There is Survival in which waves do not end and one simple builds and upgrades till the fighting is very intense. There is also Time Trial to take out the enemies in minimum time. All these types of levels are spread fully in campaign map that means one has to master many different skills to beat this game. What is still amiss is one training mode where one could try his hand at the different types of game in order to practice enough for campaign.

As was the predecessor, Fieldrunners 2 is among the best-designed games of tower defense out there. It has got polished animation, well-crafted gameplay and smooth controls. The achievements and unlockable items make this game quite addicting. For those who have got their fill of original game, this better and bigger Fieldrunners 2 is the exact follow up they need.

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