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Find Right Mortgage online With Chase

Are you buying a house or refinancing your home? Chase is ready to help you better understand your mortgage options on finding the right mortgage. Get a complete view of rate information. You can contact service center to get information anytime.


  • Go to the link at www.chase.com/mortgage  web address from your web browser.
  • Follow above link and access the application page. Once there, hit the button “Prequalify Online”.
  • Identify loan purpose and choose the loan type from a drop down menu list.
  • Identify either you have a Chase account or none.
  • On the next step, provide information about yourself (applicant’s personal information).
  • Type in your first name, middle initial and last name in respective fields.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Type in your primary phone number and alternate phone number 1 and alternate phone number 2 in designated fields.
  • Type in your email address for electronic communication.
  • Select your residence status from a drop down menu list.
  • Type in your current address line 1 and current address line 2, city name, state name and zip code.
  • Select your residential status by clicking down arrow and choose other options.
  • Click on “Continue” green button and provide your property, loan information and finance information.

Ending Note:
Complete this application and Prequalify within minutes. Take advantage of quick and easy online process to access services. Apply now and get the right option for you.

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