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Freeform 5 by Samsung: available now over U.S. Cellular

Keyboard-sporting Freeform 5 by Samsung is available now on the U.S. Cellular for $69.99 along with 2-year contract, otherwise $99.99 prepaid.

Like the predecessor, this device features QVGA display of 2.4-inch and a batter of 1,000mAh, which is reported to have talk time up to 6 hours.

There happen to be some minor variations, though. Particularly, it has now a rear-facing 3-megapixel camera, as compared to two-megapixel shooter of Freeform 4, and the changes in design include the keyboard layout which happens to be slightly tweaked, more distance between buttons, and also a new blue coat of paint.

When the Freeform 4 was viewed last year, the basic issue was this fact that poor photos were taken by it and keyboard appeared to be somewhat cramped. So, though the judgment could be withheld till you have your hands over the iteration, it could be said that these changes do seem to hold positive potential to some extent.

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