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Galaxy S4 Active : The New Waterproof Phone By Samsung

Where To Buy:  Samsung Website

Quick Specifications:

Diagonal screen size 5 in
Weight 5.3 oz


Product Specifications:

Manufacturer Samsung



Operating System Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)



Diagonal Size 5 in



Depth 0.36 in
Height 5.5 in
Weight 5.3 oz
Product Type Smartphone
Width 2.81 in


The line of Samsung Galaxy S4 gets one more member of family with Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, the spin off that’s ruggedized and hardened of the flagship models of the company.

It’s waterproof till one meter below surface till about 30 minutes and the Active could carry on computing making use of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, processor that’s 1.9GHz quad-core, TouchWiz interface of Samsung, quite the same like its much delicate sibling Galaxy S4.

Many other specs also tend to be similar though one which really stands out happens to be the camera, with 8-mp module which could take this device under the water waves with the latest Aqua mode.

The fact that finally Samsung has made a feature of waterproofing instead of any fail-safe to be used against damage is much appreciated. Many other handsets, quite rugged, which make same claims of being waterproof, are not really capable of turning the feature into some real benefit.

Camera of the handset compared with original S4 might seem to be downgrade for a few, though for the price of S4 Active on AT&T at $299.99, the rugged features are quite a justified compromise.

Aqua mode, a special setting of camera, lets one use the buttons of volume as key for video recording or capture. Its reason is that touch screen shuts down when the Aqua mode gets engaged. When the feature was tried out underwater, it was a bit tricky to operate.

Let’s do justice. Actually it was tested in tight and small bowl of fish supplied by Samsung. In addition, it was also noticed that view through lens tended to be terribly blurred as well as distorted. Hopefully, the time one gets hands on device for full review, there would be better luck.

Active has somewhat beefier feel physically as compared to its cousin who is less-armored. It is slightly thicker and chassis does carry bit of extra heft. Having said that, if the splash of Active wasn’t known as well as its dustproof pedigree, one would probably never suss out the protective coating. Obviously, 4 screws at the back happen to be bit menacing when compared to the slim Galaxy S4.

The textured surface of plastic at the back plate of Galaxy S4 Active is much appreciated, which the fingers could easily grip without any bit of trouble. The AMOLED 5-inch screen of Active is bright, colorful and big like that of Standard S4 and Samsung claims this display panel to be built in a way to respond to the gloved hands as well, a useful feature maybe while exploring arctic tundra.

Since Galaxy S4 Active does arrive this summer, there is the feeling of getting much time testing Aqua mode with the camera first-hand. So plan out the pool parties!

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