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Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 By Samsung To Be Out On July 7th

Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 By Samsung To Be Out On July 7th, Has $399 As Price, With Underwhelming Specs

Galaxy Tab 3 by Samsung meekly reaches to grab stars, though only to get back down by the reality.

Samsung says that the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 announced recently is built for being leading 10-in tablet in market. The market that Samsung seems to be speaking about must be somewhere in far galaxy, very far away, as the high price and underwhelming specs of Tab 3 10.1 might make its new effort at manufacturing a top 10-in tablet over prior to the device hitting stores.

This tablet would hot US shores on 7th July with 16GB storage, for $399. The pre-orders started on 25th June.The features of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 include PLS display of 1,280×800-pixel, dual-core CPU by Intel Z2560 1.6GHz, RAM of 1GB and would also run the Android 4.2. Tablet features IR Blaster, expansion slot for microSD, 1.3-MP camera which is front-facing and rear camera with 3-megapixel.

Being largest tablet among the lineup of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, it has got same look as the models with 7 or 8 inches, though with Home button towards bottom bezel.

The tablets which are top-performing, like Nexus 10 by Google, sport high resolutions of 2,560×1,600-pixel and put to embarrassment the Galaxy Tab 3 10’s resolution of 1,280×800-pixel to shame. As a whole, specs of Tab 3 10.1 are subpar compared to high-performing, top tablets, making the lofty goal of market-leading much spacey and confusing like its name.

Tab 3 10.1 specs at $399 are unimpressive painfully with screen resolution of 1,280×800-pixel as its much outrageous offence. However, IR blaster, is one nice extra for the tablet by Samsung. Though storage of 16GB feels low, slot of microSDD softens this blow somewhat.

Having said all, right now, all that could be done is judging Tab 3 10.1 for specs before the actual release, if any extended time could be available for it.

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