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GE Capital Is Now Fixing Your Problem Through E-Billing System

GE Capital is known as financial institution that provides financial services that has General Electric unit as one out of its five units. It has spread with its many units like GE Commercial Distribution Finance, GE Money, GE Energy Financial Services, GE Real Estate, GE Capital Aviation Services.

This company is engaged in providing numerous financial services such as leasing & lending and many more like aviation, real estate, consumer, entertainment, communications, media, health care etc. The objective of this company is to provide goods on leasing contract and instead of creating fees by initiating leases and loans, it holds all on its balance sheet which grantees it, afterward all this is sold to the third party.

Cut Your Cost Though Paperless Environment

By registering in ebilling service, one can save his or her time as well as can overcome on confusion and lengthy procedures. On the cycle cut date on each month, one can view and scrutinize his or her electronic generated e-statement which can further be utilized for payment purpose. Now time has gone when we used to wait for paper statement that had a chance of its misplacing during delivery. Now you can view your electronic generated statement any time, anywhere and can be paid off through online account.

Step By Step Procedural Guides For Registration:

  • First of all, sign in your account to have an access or sign up here to access GE Online services.
  • Then you will see a button as “Not Enrolled yet” click on it that you can find it below the image of account.
  • See the green button, where you will see “Enroll now”click on it
  • Read the instruction carefully and accept it by clicking on submit button

Up Gradation Of E-Billing

It has been announced by this company through CDF (Commercial Distribution Finance) for the up gradation of COMS (Customer Online Management System) that is exclusive managerial tool for inventory. As per the feedback of user, new version has its unique properties:

  • Through this version, one can download e-statement and can pay off liability through online account just by single click as it has upgraded with unique and lot of functioning.
  • Through this, one can search in a broader way.
  • Through this modern advancement, navigation process is now faster and easy that makes you capable to access everything easily.
  • You can easily self-manage the services that are being offered you which also permit you to locally access it.

Closing Statement:

Now e-billing has overcome all the confusion that is being faced in paper environment. Though this you can access your bill online and can pay it only in a single click.

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