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Get DELL XPS One 27! For The Best Windows 8 All-In-One

Enhanced with a new stand, high resolution 2560×1440 display, up-to-date components and a touch screen, yet reasonable price, Dell XPS One 27 is considered the best among the inaugural class of Windows 8 PCs.

Where To Buy:

 The product could be bought directly from Dell, Inc. at $1800.

Quick Specifications:

  • Processor: Intel 3rd Gen Core i5, 3.5 GHz
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8
  • Graphics processor: nVidia GeForce GT 640M 2GB GDDR5
  • Optical Drive: 8X Slot Load CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-R Drive)

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
  • Part number:  FXDNVX16H
  • Hard drive:  1 TB capacity and 7200 rpm spindle speed
  • Monitor: 27 inch diagonally

The Good: Dell XPS One 27 has the maximum screen resolution as compared to other Windows 8 all-in-ones at aggressive price.
The Bad: The new display support arm is adjustable but reclines till 90 degrees only.

The Bottom Line: It has a touch screen, enhanced components, a new stand and with these features it acquires the top position in the inaugural class of PCs with Windows 8.

DELL XPS One 27 Features And Other Factors Compared With Different Competitors!

Though XPS One 27 non-touch model starts at $1399, the touch-screen version has the starting price as $1599. When we are discussing the Windows 8 along, we are talking about the model that starts at $2099 step-up configuration. Dell has confirmed that the Blu-ray option will be available in this model by December, with the up gradation costs of $200. Right now, what you can go for is the $2599 version.

When talking about prices of other 27-inch display laptops, there come others like Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 at $1470 and Acer’s Aspire 7600U at $1899, but then, these do not have the high resolution promised by Dell XPS One 27! Among the PCs to launch Windows 8, Acer Aspire 7600U exists as the only other model which has reached the $2000 level. If you stop considering Dell’s high resolution, even then XPS One 27 is a strong competitor to Acer. Dell offers twice the hard disk space, faster Core i7 chip and increased memory available for GeForce graphics card. Acer put in much energy while designing its new all-in-one and appears slicker than Dell. It has a convenient support foot to adjust the display with much ease as opposed to Dell’s double-jointed stand support, yet the much better performance and other features offered by Dell outweigh the minor support issues. Dell has always stays inclined towards putting in major efforts toward enhanced performance and reasonable price where Acer is bent on making “lifestyle” attraction for its all-in-one.

Keeping in view the fact that Dell touch-screen XPS One starts at $1599, Dell provides with the best possible features with this laptop. It has high-priced enhanced options for the ones who want to pay, yet at the same time, it offers the equivalent high resolution screen for models with lower prices!

Before the announcement of the new iMac potentials, Dell XPS One 27 holds an upper position with onboard storage, facility of HDMI output input jacks and touch screen etc but with the new potentials coming in the market, the comparison might be hard to make. Professional users would specifically fall for the Thumberbolt ports in the new iMac. These ports are the way to fast external storage arrays which enhance its data transfer speeds but as for the existing Apple product, Dell is quite a fully featured offering!

The new iMac with a Core i7 chip is thought to be better and might enter the competition as regards the performance, but as for now, Dell is the fastest 27-inch at its price. Core i5-XPS One 27 at $1599 and its equivalent non-touch laptop at $1399 could be considered to be competitive, even though not as fast. Dell XPS One 27 beats the 27-inch $1999 iMac too.  The Dell, besides being best regarding the speed and price, excels in aspects as touch screen, being lightweight and the design. The touch screen has edge-to-edge glass that keeps smooth contact and you don’t have to make extra effort at corners and along the edges. The overall feeling of responsiveness and maneuvering the system by touch with the Dell XPS One 27 is enhanced too, with smooth movement of fingers on the screen and minimal drag, as opposed to the touch screens on Acer or Sony Vaio Tap 20. A test with Air Hockey application from Windows 8 app store also proves the excellent performance of Dell’s touch screen.

The only complaint about Dell is the non-ability to recline at full 90 degrees where the Sony Vaio Tap 20 that is powered by battery takes the lead with full 90 degrees positioning and also Lenovo’s IdeaCentre A729, which is not battery –powered, with full flat input due to the well-designed stand. Limiting Dell to the 60 degrees recline is something that needs to be pay heed to!

Apart from this, the huge and clear screen, with great HD video content and high resolution mean that Dell XPS One 27 has room for more text in the short boxes on Windows 8 main UI screen, as compared to the competitors. The glossy coating on display might be disliked by photo editors and high resolution causes the SD video to be blotchy. Playing some challenging games at their own resolution might cause some trouble too! But the game Dishonoured was visually awesome at 2560×1440 pixels. Considering some more details, the slot-loading optical drive has smooth and polished touch. Input arrays are on the left edge and at the back, providing you with the maximum you can expect with the high-end all-in-one, also including the HDMI jacks talked about before. Some ports on the system’s back might be somewhat cramped but screen could easily be moves, so that’s not really an issue.

Dell—The Best Choice!

The minor inconveniences could all be accepted with an open heart when it comes to Dell XPS One 27 since the awesome features and the performance are the glaring points that simply can’t be ignored by any potential customer. The other 27-inch Windows PCs appear to lack many features Dell has made available in the reasonable price. Dell would have got hold of the perfect supplier for making XPS One 27 or might have intended to make less of profit than the competition around! Anyway, this makes it the best Windows 8 all-in-one available at its various price points and users must surely go for it till the time they start evaluating Apple when it gets the new iMac with the promised features in the market.

Closing Comments:

As it is the period of almost two years when all the windows vendors initiated to present all features in one by having the same pixel quality 2560×1440 resolution which is available in 27 inch iMac. Now Dell has resolved this issue by introducing the remaining 27 inch windows PCs that provides awesome features. However, Dell has taken all the rights only for the intention of getting low profits than competitors. When Dell will start to make availability of this system, customers will get it on priority basis. No doubt, XPS one 27 is having pleasant feature of window 8 all in one regardless any price limit.

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