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Get Priceline Rewards And MyPoints Online

Priceline, one of the America’s most famous discount travel company, provides online service that aids its clients get huge savings on hotel reservation. The company offers a product is ‘’Priceline Reward Visa card. And card grants points for making buys which can then be exchanged for airline travel.

About Company:

Founded in 1997 and head office in Norwalk, company is one of most famous travel discount company in U.S. the organization does not straightforwardly sell car rentals, hotel rooms or airline fares, company acts as a mediator discounter. Many years, Priceline.com has attained other travel discount online sites to cater to dissimilar markets around the globe, as well as Asia-Pacific region and Europe.

Detailed Guide:

  • Define eligible buys for the visa card. Not all buys are entitled for points. The points are simply awarded for buys related to house improvement, utilities or groceries. All buys made on the official online website are as well deemed eligible.
  • Discover which type of award card you have. Because there are two dissimilar kinds of cards. One visa card charges a yearly fee and other one does not. They mode your points are rewarded relies on the kind of card you have.
  • Make a buy on your company’s Reward Visa Card. And you will get 5,000 extra points if you disburse a fee for your visa card and 2,500 if you do no disburse fee for your card.
  • Get up to 4 points if you disburse a payment for card, on buys made with visa card, and up to 2 points on buys made on reward card with no fee. Well, you can as well get a point for every dollar of payment transferred from another visa card despite of the kind of card you own.
  • Try to find the points to be granted within two billing rounds from day of buy. You can see your exact points on the monthly statement of your account.
  • Redeem your points at the online reward web page https://www.pricelinerewardsvisa.com/. Visit to the visa reward tab and choose the reward you want to redeem in convert for points.


The company’s official website lets you conveniently and easily searches with listings at more than 165,000 hotels. You can also either search for deals with specific chain of the hotels or compare prices among brands.

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