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Get Vodafone MMS Online

Vodafone, a well known global telecom company located in London, UK is here with its new service, Get My Phone service. This service is mainly meant for customers who do not have a camera or video phone to mail and get the photograph and video messages using the internet. Multimedia Messages MMS be able to be send by individuals having mobile with camera handset and may include sounds, photo or video clips.

If your phone does not the facility of displaying the message, it is forwarded here, anywhere you will be able to see it. Customers can use the service free of cost to sight their multimedia messages (MMS) or video messages that have been sent to them. For every message obtained, Customers can also respond or forward the message to somebody else with Get My Photo. If you have studio account you are able to gain an access to your previous messages and text on the live Studio service in the normal way.

Instructions Guide:

  • While accepting an image or video message from somebody, you will obtain a text message that will let you, to see the message on Get My Photo.
  • Visit Get My Photo official website getmyphoto.Vodafone.co.uk within a time period of 30 days while you get the notice text message, and you can also store the messages received in Get My Photo for 30 days.
  • Type your mobile phone number.
  • Then give the password in the notification text message.
  • Afterwards, you can verify the message you have just got from your friend, it is totally up to you store it, delete it, reply it, and forward it. You are also able to send a new text message to your friend.

Tips And Warnings:

  • You need to be using Vodafone.
  • You must need good internet speed on your computer or laptops so that you can   carry out your survey with no trouble.

In short, viewing a picture even without a camera or video phone is no longer a dream with Get MMS Service at Vodafone!

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