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How Paperless Pay Is Giving Reliable Services?

The main mission of the company is to provide the professionals to avoid old method of payment. They are working to reduce the paperwork and manual efforts. They are giving the new age working criteria. Big companies and heavy business are moving towards the modern method of paperless transactional method. This online services is basically facilitating the HR departments reduce their paper cost and time to manage the papers statements. Catch their goals for that they are always providing this service to you.

  • Reliable: want to give the reliable payroll managing services to take account electronically to reduce your paper cost and benefits.
  • Inducing In New Age: Giving you the modern payroll services to meet your services international standards.
  • Keeping Records: Reducing the size of your store room for keeping paper records of the years, now store your all payroll records in your hard disc or electronic storage devices.

What Is Paperless Pay Actually?

This is a method to use securitasepay online payroll services for employees and it is just to cut your need to paper statement and time management.

How To Use This Service?

For this service employee to need to get the electronic slip by the HR department of the company. After employee have to walk towards the bank where your HR department have employer account. Employee will get two copies of the payroll slips one to keep record for himself second copy has to submit at the bank for the record. Employee can draw money any time full or at the time of this use.

Efficiency And Benefits:

Now the old traditional payroll system is replaced by this modern payroll method. All companies are accommodating this online payment services due these features:

  • No Tension to handover salaries of each employee one by one in a queue.
  • Company just has to re-fill the account every month for giving salaries to the workers at the time.
  • Now no manual effort is required only accountant will store all the data by typing into the storage device.
  • It has reduced the errors because the whole is managed by the well-programmed machines.

Employee Vs Employer Accessibility:


Now happy to get his pay at any time or he can draw his salaries any or easily transfer this pays at his personal account. Now employee is feeling secure that nobody can access his saving and he can easily make online transactions by online banking.


Now is mentally relaxed to manage the employee salaries, now he has just the duty to make salary slip for every employee at the end of the month and have to handover it to them. No Paper records are need to store in store room.


Make your life easier!!! Don’t worry now your salary is in secure hands and easy to approachable for you.

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