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How To Get Registered On Sears Careers?

Sears are providing a variety of job offers to its people. It is basically a furniture and appliance stores. The services provided by sears are exterior, custom door, heating and cooling, renovations, home maintenance, home services, product installations and assembly. It came into existence in 1953. It is providing sources of jobs to over 37,000 people and it is located over hundreds of locations. Providing best quality of work environment to its employees and making them for their best performances. Its annual revenue is about $5billion. They are working for their people for personal shopping, catalogue and internet ordering.

Detailed Method:

  • Visit the following link https://secure.sears.ca/join
  • On the top right corner of the page there is an option “sign in” it is a dropdown menu, and in it is an option “register” click on it
  • The next page given is a form type in which you have to give your name, email, city, postal or zip code, password and you also have to mention your gender fill all the fields with appropriate information
  • There is also an offer to sign up for sears eNews by which you can get alerts or updates about vacancies etc.
  • After filling the form click on the option “create a profile” given on the left bottom of the page to proceed the process
  • Once you are registered it is easy for you to join sears, for more information visit the link www.sears.ca/content/corporate-info/contact-us


  • You must have a computer or laptop which can access internet easily
  • You must provide all your information exact and accurate
  • You must be adult or older to understand the terms and conditions and all the rules of the store
  • You must be the resident of the Canada


It is a very vast service which provides many opportunities for its people within a one department. It is providing sources of earning too many people and also guides them in their starting to make the service best. Their vision is to make trustful and lifelong relations with their people, their mission is to provide a comfortable and confident service to their residents and they are still working hard to be the best among others by making improvements in their services and they try to provide their customers all what they want.

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