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How To Sell On Sears To Grow Your Business?

Sears is providing Sell On services to its millions of users, this service is for business men as well as individual users. Online shoppers are purchasing items & getting choice rewards with the company’s secure safety policy. Customers are paying for the company’s performance and due to their committed services. To access these services you have to “sign up” here to become an active user.

For The Registration

  • Give your registration information like first name, last name, email address and re-type it.
  • Enter your password, business display name, catalog size and categories.
  • Provide your “Estimate Start Selling Date” and enter “Promotion Code” if you have then click on “Lookup Promotion” button.
  • Enter your business and contact information like Business Name, contact first and last name, address, city,  state, primary phone number , fax and email address.
  • You have to provide your “Employer Identification “, here choose the option “FEIN” or “Social Security Number” by marking radio button.
  • Provide the selected information and also enter account holder first name and last name.
  • Click on “Create My Account” and get access your new account.

How Would It Increase Effectively Your Sales?

As sears is the biggest place for online shopping and magnetizing the customers due to the huge variety of products and sale items. The numbers of customers are increasing day by day and this is making the company’s business strong and very progressive. They are providing the best business environment to the seller to flourish their business with this retailing company. Here are some features that are described below to tell you the reason why this service is giving the best environment.

  • Access the huge variety of products in-store, you can find more than 20 categories for sale.
  • Customers can shop online by accessing their main site.
  • You can view your ordered products in your online shopping bag (Shopping Cart).
  • You can manage your orders online.
  • Website has friendly environment which provide you the best interface of the site to access your orders and you can easily manage them.
  • You can press buy online option and can get start the shopping for your needs.
  • They sale their products for the good performance items with healthy cost.
  • You can cancel your orders any time by their online services.

How Can You Order?

To start your business with this company follow the procedure to make orders here.

  • Login to your account at here.
  • Now you have to upload the catalog of your orders.
  • If your product has ordered by any other customer, company will inform you.
  • Now you can ship order to the customer’s end


If you are serious about the online business with this company you can contact them directly by this searsmarketplace.force.com/contactus link.

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