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How to Uninstall Unwanted Modern Apps in Windows 8.1

On windows 8, the only apps residing on screen were traditional apps like iTunes or Google chrome that the user installs. But in the case of windows 8.1 it is a bit different. With the 8.1 update, the start screen is filled with vibrant colorful apps. These sets of apps are the Windows store apps. These apps are different from traditional apps, hence regarded as modern or metro apps.  These apps actually live on the Start Screen in the form of bold tiles. They are not static and show updates and current information all the time. But sometimes they are not useful to users or don’t perform exactly what you expect them to do. If you have noticed, the traditional desktop apps can be easily uninstalled with the’ uninstall a program’ utility’, present in the control panel. But you cannot uninstall the modern apps this way. To uninstall the modern apps, a different approach is used, but it is not complicated at all.

Windows 8.1

If you are not interested in a particular app which is installed on your Windows 8.1 computer, then you can easily get rid of it.

Steps to uninstall apps:

On the start screen, right click on the app that you want to uninstall.

start window 8.1

Then go to the menu that appears on the bottom of the screen. Click on the uninstall icon to remove the app.

menu window 8.1

Now confirm the process by clicking the uninstall button.

uninstall button

There is one more way to do so.

Click on the down arrow icon at the bottom left of the start screen and go to all apps.

arrow icon

Right click on the app that is to be removed.

app that is to be removed

Then click on the uninstall icon in the menu bar, that appears at the bottom.

menu bar

Confirm the process by clicking the uninstall button.

app is uninstalled

Your required app is uninstalled. Isn’t it easy? With the same method you can choose multiple apps to uninstall at a time and customize your start screen like the way you want.

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