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HTC One – Yet Another Spectacular Design And Premium Parts (Hands-On)

The new HTC One comprises of high quality components and technologies packed inside, also including the latest processing gear. The manufacturer surely put in much time an effort for a technically advanced product, along with lovingly crafting it with premium metals. The gorgeous and slender HTC One could be classified as one of the fastest and beautiful phones you’ll ever come across.

Where To Buy: Manufacturer’s website

Quick Specifications: The phone weighs 5.04 oz with 2.68 inch width, 0.36 inch depth and 5.4 inch height.

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: HTC
  • Part Number: ONEULK
  • Product type: Smartphone
  • Processor: QUALCOMM Snapdragon S4, 1.7 GHz clock speed
  • Display: 4.7 inch

The Good: HTC One is gorgeous, slim, has interesting features, great processing powers and camera with quick movie recording and good resolution.

The Bad: The drawbacks of BlinkFeed and low light performance.

The Bottom Line: The product has beautiful design and many latest components with good camera features at a reasonable price!

The Remarkable Design:

The phone is really all screen, being rectangular, flat and very thin. One’s display has much of vibrant colours and brightness. The display is 4.7-inch and uses Solux technology for better pictures that produce 468 pixels per inch. As the display is a bit smaller at an equivalent resolution, One’s screen acquires denser pixel count than Droid DNA (440 ppi). The same is true for Samsung galaxy S4, with a 5-inch OLED screen (441 ppi).

One’s got an all-aluminum framework, using zero-gap unibody design. It’s out there in shades of silver and black, and exudes outclass craftsmanship with the smooth metallic body. The thin white trim around the silver phone is also metal, though it might appear plastic.

Another interesting design feature is the dual speaker on either side of screen to provide a lively audio experience while watching movies or getting entertained with music. HTC has named the system of onboard amplifier and Beats technology as “BoomSound”. Therefore, the audio system is capable of providing a loud volume, with perfect bass and wide stereo separation.

Moreover, the phone has got 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, making it the first device to officially feature the latest silicon. This would lead many smartphone addicts to grab HTC One as soon as they can.

In addition to this, models with memory configuration of 32GB and 64GB are in market, both with 2GB complement of RAM.

HTC: Performance At Its Best!

Quick benchmark tests showed HTC One’s wonderful processing power. The phone showed amazing results with Linpack and Quadrant, demonstrating its efficient performance, better than any android phone before, making it a match for the HTC Droid DNA.

Other than this, HTC One proves to be a nimble machine as it goes through the menus screens, apps and Web pages very smoothly. The phone’s power source is a 2300mAh battery which might not sound much as compared to Motorola Droid Razr HD maxx with 3300mAh but the phone beats the Droid DNA on video battery drain test, lasting 9 hours and 37 minutes.

The Software!

HTC One has got all what a modern Android Jelly Bean can offer. There’s another version of HTC’s Sense UI layered on the Android, the Sense providing many improvements you might find handy.

  • BlinkFeed

One of these is the BlinkFeed, a main home screen with dynamic tiles, showing content from many different blogs and Web sites. A drawback is that the feature cannot be turned off entirely. Some also find it annoying that BlinkFeed takes content from a storage of vetted sources.

  • HTC Sense User Interface

The phone also supports the newest version of HTC’s Sense user interface. The skin has icons that are less crowded and contained inside the app tray so it gives a cleaner look. Comparing with stock Android Jelly Bean, the app tray scrolls vertically rather than left or right.

  • No More Weather Clock Widget

The weather clock type icon is not present any more but the weather forecast and time could still be checked on home screen in a low-key style.

  • IR Blaster

HTC One has an IR blaster at the top edge, which, when used with HTC Sense TV app and remote software, is used to command the TVs and to keep tabs on programs. This also confirms how the differences between smartphones and tablets are diminishing. You just have to go through the simple setup process, asking you to lay out the TV channels received so the switching between channels could be done by the cable box and controlling volume by Onkyo receiver. One can also open guide to go through the available programs and the best thing is that you just have to tap icons of the programs you already marked ad favorite and they will begin playing as if they were on at that moment.

The Brilliance Of HTC One Camera

Enhanced with updated ImageSense system, the new ImageChip 2 hardware and Ultrapixel Sensor, it can capture even a 4 megapixel resolution. It can capture 300% more light than any of the other competing phones. Colours are accurate in still-life shots both outdoors and indoors, though in the latter, it could be a bit dark. The strong sunlight in outdoor shooting could blur some details of background. Due to the onboard hardware image stabilization, images could be quickly taken in dark surrounding but ISO is bumped up high, causing uncontrolled colour noise.

The camera is capable of recording short 3 second videos, labeled as Zoe by HTC, and these could then be shared with family and friends using One’s camera app. Another interesting camera feature is the automatic stitching of highlight reels that are based on the Zoes or pictures etc taken that day.

Closing Review:

To conclude, there are just a few points like the issues associated with BlinkFeed and the low-light performance that can go against your buying HTC One! But you’d sure be impressed by the incredible design, exciting features including Highlight movies, the camera, new user interface, amazing sound and much more. This is likely to cost you $199.99 for 32GB version and $299 for 64GB version!

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