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iPod Touch! An Pocket iPad Is Now Available With Amazing Design

Where to buy? Buy it directly from Apple Inc. Also available at J & R Music and Computer World, eBay, MacMall and  Datavision Computer Video.

Quick Specifications

  • Digital Storage / Capacity: 32 GB
  • Diagonal screen size: 4 in
  • Mfr estimated battery life: 40 hour(s)
  • Weight:   3.1 oz
  • Battery:   Player battery – Rechargeable – Lithium ion
  • Flash memory installed: 32 GB
  • Device type: Digital player

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Apple
  • Part Number: CNETATOUCH12
  •  Dimensions (W x D x H):   2.31 in x 4.86 in x 0.24 in
  •  Color:  Black & slate
  • iPod Generation:  5G
  • Audio system built-in display:  LCD
  • Resolution : 1136 x 640
  • Backlight display:  Yes
  • Sound output mode: Stereo
  • Speaker(s):  1 x Speaker Built-in

The Good: The 2012 fifth-generation iPod Touch is available with great features including enhanced back and front cameras, iOS 6, 1080p video recording, 4-inch Retina Display as on the  iPhone and a design which is even slimmer than iPhone.

The Bad: iPhone 5 is still better when it comes to performance. The iPad doesn’t have any phone functions and there are other tablets in the market that are superior to iPad in terms of price and screen size.

The Bottom Line: This newest iPod is better than ever, and quite close to iPhone 5 but the high price of iPad compared to other tablets with large screens and cheap rates decline its sales to a bit.

The 2012 fifth generation iPad Touch, received its hardware upgrade and is better than ever. Apart from $199 Touch that’s not available with the fifth-gen, the price for $299 for 32GB model and for 64GB one, the price $399 is still the same. The design and performance have both received a boost with A5 processor, 5 megapixel camera and 1080p video recording, which if not equivalent to, but surely is very near to the iPhone 5 camera. iPod Touch has maintained its practice of presenting a bit less than the newest iPhone available. The latest iPod Touch is capable of just all except for making calls. Now, even iPad Mini is being sold, with a 7.9-inch screen and prices beginning at $329.

The Amazing Design And The Price Comparison With Iphone 5 And Few Other Gadgets.

It was thought before that entertainment at this price could be made available by Touch only, but now other affordable gadgets as Google Nexus 7 tablet and Kindle Fire HD etc are also available at about $199. The key differences are, nevertheless, still there. The Touch has superior onboard storage, enhanced camera, an improved app ecosystem and an added hand-strap loop which makes it better off than any other gadgets. The loop holds its interest for the photographers on travel and for families out together.

It’s really an amazingly slim pocket computer with thickness of just 0.24 inch as compared to 0.30 inch of iPhone 5 and is of 3.1 ounces where iPhone is 3.95 ounces. Could you ask for an even lighter and thinner gadget?

The new Touch includes a lot that’s offered by iPhone 5: the long 4-inch IPS Retina Display, the front-facing HD camera, iOS 6, AirPlay and panoramic photos. The speed is not as good but quite close to that of iPhone 5. Previously, iPod Touch never gained much popularity with the iPhone around, but now it’s on its way to much more success with the features as described and the different bright color options (blue, red, yellow, pink) available. Even if it’s shockingly thin, yet it gives more comfortable feeling compared to the fourth gen., with curved-rectangle look and the softer matte aluminium finish.

The new IPS display has improved and is now 4 inches at 1136×640 pixels resolution. The slightly longer display compared to the previous versions is indeed attractive. The landscape mode is fit for games, video etc whereas texts or emails are better viewed in vertical portrait manner. The latest 16:9 ratio makes it fit to view some TV shows but with movies shot in a wider aspect ratio, it might not be that ideal. The games as FIFA 13, Lili and Asphalt 7 look very sharp in the landscape mode. iOS have emerged as significant gaming platforms, making the Touch a good gaming handheld, like iPhone 5.

Our iPad under review is the only iPod with camera and has LED flash too. The 5-MP rear iSight camera, though not exactly like iPhone 4S or 5, has the same lens, made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal as iPhone 5 so the pictures aren’t as sharp and images in low light don’t have much clarity but the panoramic pictures look much better than expected. The front-facing camera is HD like and takes 1.2 Mp shots which is the same as iPhone 5! As regards the video and its quality, 1080p video recording is achievable, just like iPhone 5 so it could be used as your camcorder too! The awesome camera is thought to be part of selling point of the iPad. With the features of camera already enhanced, and many camera apps and photo editors to download from the app store, the iPad Touch could be considered as an exciting candidate in place of a casual camera.

Inside The Box:

                 Other than your iPod Touch inside the clear plastic box, Apple’s new EarPod earphones (minus remote) and USB-to-Lightning cable are also found. Lightning is required for syncing, charging and accessory connections. Smaller connector port, though looks elegant, but would require new accessories and Apple adapter. EarPods are comfortable but without the in-line remote and microphone as in $29 earPod! FaceTime calls could still be made with the built-in mic, or you can use other in-line remote and mic with your new Touch.

The High-Quality Performance And A5 Processor

As was mentioned before too, iPad continues to be just a step behind the latest iPhone, in this case iPhone 5. Where the iPhone 5 uses A 6 processor, this iPad Touch has A5 dual core processor. Generally the apps that worked well on iPhone 4S worked with this too. Comparing with iPhone 5, there’s just some difference in performance during games which might face difficulty while running on the iPad, for example Lili, which takes longer to load on it.

Ios 6: The Prominent Features Intact!

Most of iOS 6 features like FaceBook, Twitter integration, panoramic mode in Camera app and Siri are found here too, enhancing the flavor of iPhone 5 while using it. The iPad, however doesn’t have any GPS and no wireless other than Wi-Fi.

The New Ipad-A Better  Media Player But How?

Where other iPods like Nano and Shuffle require iTunes syncing, iPad can operate online and use the features of many apps like Pandora and Amazon Cloud Player and can download from iTunes Store. So the Touch is an essential media player as the some modern types of content consumption cannot work with the Nano or Shuffle. Videos could be downloaded on the iPad from iTunes, Netflix or HBO Go, which again cannot be done by iPod Nano. It is this ability of going online that makes it a superior media player.

Good Battery Life!

The iPad’s battery lasts through 8 hours of video or 40 hours of music, which is just a bit below that of iPhone 5. With the use of Wi-Fi net browsing or downloading etc, the battery gets consumed sooner than this.

It’s CompetitorsThe Iphone 5, Android Phones, Tablets Or Other Media Players

As has been discussed throughout, iPhone 5 is a better product in terms of camera, processor, 4G LTE and the fact that it’s a phone. The iPad is very thin, light and versatile, best camera and could be used as your phone for Skype and FaceTime calls.  At the same time, there are the few drawbacks as in iPhone 5, for instance, those associated with the new Maps app for 3D flyover.

There are many android phones with larger screens too like Galaxy Note. The Touch is, though larger, but still tiny in the gadget world. Comparing with the less costly tablets of 7 inch, like Google Nexus 7 with 8 GB storage, Touch is better off with 32 GB, an improved camera and has the depth of apps lacked by the Nexus whereas the latter could be superior if used as e-reader or video player. For playing music, Touch is for sure a better option.

Comparing with similar media players, like the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2, the Touch is expensive but still a better product.

Lastly, the iPad Mini will be talked about later when it really does technically exist as it’s speculated that it will provide for any of the factors that iPad lacks! Currently all that can be said is that iPad Touch is the best iPod, given all its useful and exciting features and improved performance. Now whether you really get it or not will depend on whether you already have an iPhone or you want it very soon or you are looking for an all-purpose gadget that’s more convenient than a tablet.

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