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Join Education 2020 To Find Vocabulary Words Easily

Education 2020 is online learning system to provide virtual classroom to maintain the well standard criteria of the education system. The main purpose of these virtual classes is to provide the best educational system to those students who can’t afford to access the best far universities or school to get studies. Now day students prefer virtual classes to access the most interactive environment of studies and best academic system.

How Can We Access?

  • Contact to the company by emailing them and get the online prospectus and payment procedure guide.
  • Provide your previous academic record and personal details.
  • After getting admission and making payments get the online class account detail.
  • Get unique username and password.

Log In to Account:

  • Go the site by this URL student.education2020.com by using internet connection to browse this page.
  • Enter your username like “ami123” provided by the administration.
  • Type password into the field and click on “Enter” button.
  • Now you access you online class successfully or check online registration guide .

How To Find Vocabulary?

  • First of all approach your subject and explore the list of lessons of your course.
  • See the search tab under the subject window type the word.
  • The length of the word or vocabulary can be varying depending upon its length.
  • Spelling must the correct no red line should appear below the word.
  • After typing the word click on “Play “button, it will sound the word that you have typed.
  • Next you will see the sentences having this word that you have typed. They are giving you the help according to grammatical rules and helping to understand its uses.
  • You can take graphically help as well as the you add it you e-notes to get help in future.
  • If you want to get help for next word then type new one and see the same helping scenario.
  • After taking help click on “Exit” button


You can increase your vocabulary by using this services you can add new words in your own dictionary this will help you a lot in making your writing and spoken skill better.

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