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Join Minnesota Vikings And U.S. Bank Team To Earn Benefits

U.S bank offers an exclusive program for Minnesota Vikings and bank team. Enter in this program and enjoy all the benefits of your online banking account. Get your card and make purchases with “Purple Pride” and collect exclusives and rewards.

  • 6Join team by following the link at www.usbank.com/checkcard/sports/vikings.html web address.
  • On resultant page you will see disclosure about this program. Read information and click the red button “Get Started” to proceed.
  • You need to access your account to join. If you are already a member, login with your personal ID. Enter your ID associated with this profile and hit on the “Continue” blue button.
  • New member? No worries, register your account to use account services. Hit on the “Continue” button.
  • Fill in the form with personal information.
  • Type your legal name (forename, surname, middle name and suffix).
  • Provide your primary physical address, street address 1, street address 2, city, state and ZIP code in respective fields.
  • Identify how long you have lived at this address.
  • Next, type your email address for all communication.
  • Select housing status and enter monthly payment as well as your annual income from all sources.
  • Choose your employment status.
  • Type your date of birth for age verification.
  • Enter social security number for security information.
  • You need to provide identification information.
  • Select an account and hit on the “Save Application” button.

Contact to a representative to get answers to your questions by calling at 800-822-6572.

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