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Lowe’s In-Store Services: SolutionIn Your Hand

Lowe’s a group of companies is involved in the business of appliance & home improvement retailing, which has overspread all around the American where it has opened its branches with connecting chain. The series of this store has spread in Mexico, Canada as well as in United State. It was incorporated in the year 1946 in North Carolina, North Wilkesboro. Almost 1754 stores are working in different nations such as Mexico, Canada and United State. Hamilton, Ontario is the first place, where Lowe’s started its operation by opening store in the year 2007. After one year in 2008, it also opened more two stores in Monterrey, the city of Mexico through which it strongly created its worth in Mexican market.

About Services:

Lowe’s in engaged to provide best quality product and services to their clients up to the maximum satisfaction level. For making your program & planning easier, it has offered you variety of in-store services for your convenient. Keep in mind, these services which are being offered by it can be varied store by store. Have your own suggestions, give it and win $5000 gift card .

Contact Info.

If you have any query regarding their customer services and sales promotion, you may contact with them any time by 24/7.

For Customer Care Center Tel: 1-800-445-6937

For product & sales helping Tel: 1-877-465-6937

  • Select And Get It Done

For making it convenient, it has provided you easier option for shipping. Store Pickup is the option which you have to choose from where you can pick your purchased product. After purchasing, you will an alert message through email or sms that your package is ready and you may get it from nearby local store. It does not mean, you can pick it any time, but you have to follow the store timing. Moreover you can get your package within the four days from the date of actual purchase.

  • Expert Installation

Now the company will do everything for you to resolve your all kind of installation issues. You need not to worry at all about this technical support.

  • Easy Shipment

This store has rendered its shipment services throughout the week. But if you have bought any big appliance, keep in mind the shipment of the same will be catered next day of the actual purchase.

  • Plant Guarantee For 1-Year

It is the reliable services which are offered by Lowe’s to your life with full of greenery and its persistency. It has offered plantation services without any charges, if you are feeling that bushes and trees in house do not survive up to one year.

  •  Credit Facility Through Credit Card

For making purchased of products on large scale, it is offering you credit facility by issuing Lowe’s credit card that is secure and easy to use. You can select any one out of two consumer credit card and can get the 5% discount per day shopping.

  •  Kids Betterment Services

Now the health of your children is secure by Lowe’s services. it is offering you to get built the mentality of your kids through predefined scheduled clinics. These clinics are engaged to teach your children through what way you can accomplish variety of tasks.

  •  Resolution Of Color Matching Problem

Of course matching the color of your carpet and any fabric is major problem that is felt by everyone. Lowe’s has resolved this problem for you.  Just bring a piece of carpet and fabric with you, it will decide and match your desired color for you by considering it a matter of minutes. For the completion of your project,  it has designed help corner, which assist you for color matching.

  • Translation Compiler Services:

Now translation from one language to another is not a big deal. Just get its services of Language Line phone and get it done through live as well as high quality of translation available almost in 140 different languages.

  • Place Special Orders

You can place now special orders through it services. it has variety of products which can be delivered as special orders.

  • Assistance In Project Design:

For making free of cost design for floor and kitchen, it is rendering the services of highly professional technicians. You may visit its official website on its commercial sales desk to get the immediate detail and help.

  •  Design Services & In-store Consultation

Company has aim to provide you best consultancy in garden design, landscaping, landscaping and home furnishing, roof materials, plumbing supplies, material for building and many more.

  • Easy Project:

You can make your project easier by getting the unique services of this company. it can cut chain, rope, pipe, mini blinds, wood and many more. You can also get the services by free of cost like black iron pipe or size electrified cutting and pipe threading. It is equipped with latest machinery, which help in cutting the pipe according your desired and can make threading on the both end of pipe. Keep in mind, it does not use any blade technique for threading of these pipes.

  • Assembly Of Items:

The dedicated employees of this company are ready for any kind of assembly of large products for your convenience, but you have to pay for it.

  • Loading Services:

In the normal course of action, you usually examine the heaviness of load transferring in home improvement. It gives you better services for transfer of load.

  • Valued Training:

For improvement and safety of home, you should be well aware about its guideline. It provides you a complete knowledge and remedy through various workshops.

  • Affordable & Reliable Prices:

Lowe’s has the mission to provide best customer services to its customers by offering them lowest price rate with the guarantee of its usage. If you have made visit to any other retail store and get the same product available in our store, bring it in our store, we will cut our more price by granting 10% off. Contrary to it, if you are getting discount from any other retailer on percentage base, we will analyze its final price, where it to be sold. Keep in mind that it is not offering you any other discount such as reasonable quantities, damaged items, liquidation, clearance, discontinued, special order and installation labor.

  • Special Discount For Military Personnel:

Armed force is playing an important part for the sake of country either men or women, it offering around 10% discount. It also gives discount in the respect of retired VA & veterans. Currently serving officer’s family can also get these services.

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