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Motorheadphones Motorizer: Headphones For The One Likely To Rock

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The Good: Motorizers feature a distinctive branding of Motorhead and a sound that is very rock-friendly; lack of bass bump, too, makes Motorizers suited to many music styles; cables which are detachable.

The Bad: The build quality tends to have somewhat cheap-feeling; presence boost could make headphones bit tiring to listen after some time; they do not fold flat so they are not much portable than the other of DJ headphones; they are plasticky and earcups do attract lint.

The Bottom Line: Motorheadphones Motorizers sound and look quite rock ’n’ roll, though need bit more attention for building quality.

Motorhead is the one-time very loud band in world, the loudest, and its leader Lemmy Kilmister has released range of the headphones.

Including on-ears and earbuds, top of new range happens to be Motorizer, called so after 19th album of the band. It’s faux DJ cans’ set that features the interchangeable cables as well as sound that is specially tailored for the punchy bass and frequencies which are high and distinct.

The Design And Features

Motorizers are the headphones with band’s mascot over earcups and tiny details like ace of the spades on 3.5mm connector, to honour the song of the band which is most recognizable.

These headphones feature earpads of velvet that feels bit cheap and also pick up much lint. Attached with earcups is detachable cord which lets one choose from the 2 different cables: 1m cord having mic remote with 3 buttons and one 3m cord that doesn’t have remote. Unluckily, plug happens to be terminated with male connector towards headphones end that means it would be somewhat difficult to purchase any 3rd party replacement.

As top headphone from the range by Motorhead, it’d be better to look at quality of some higher build. While they seem to be partially built from metal, actually they are plastics with different colors; even wire brace looks plastic. Motorheads do not feel as if they have any flex, whereas the other headphones allow adjusting fit by having headband flexed.

When compared with Marshall FX Major 50s, with same price like Motorizers online, quality of build suffers. Marshalls feature real metal, pleather caps and greater attention towards detail. Also, they could be fold up.

Motorizers sport sound which could be termed as exciting and different from others. Treble and exaggerated bass aren’t there and are replaced by smoother response, even though with notable presence push. The little bump from 5k till 9k adds small intelligibility to the vocals and also crispiness to the percussion, but according to recording, this could be tiring and one wishes for something that could be neutral.

However, the extra intimacy could be welcome over some tracks, not surprisingly metal, also including Motorhead, tends to be best. Though, extra presence of headphones when playing a Metallica track does not quite push over to the distortion, there’s energy of high frequency in there. Bass response, too, could be deep when required by music and it is not quite effortless the way the true headphones of monitor are. But playing “Trouble Will Find Me” by Nationals, from the most bland albums of the year 2013, Motorheads couldn’t simply bring rock to the joyless record.

Concluding Statements:

If one happens to be Motorhead fan, odds are that he would have one pair already of these. Motorizers give off rock vibe that’s dirty and sound quite better than could be expected. Only drawbacks happen to be the quality of build and very active presence which turns speech to noisy sibilance.

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