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Open In-App Links with Background Floating Pop-ups with Link Bubble for Android

Smartphones these days are not just to serve the purpose of texting and calling; it is a complete package of entertainment and a utility with the plethora of apps embedded in them.

The research conducted by Google in 2012 suggested that people are moving towards mobile browsers more and more now. They tend to visit web pages, and keep navigating around using different links present on these pages. In order to streamline the experience of web browsing similar to the convenient usage on PCs, Link Bubble has been introduced. This wonderful app makes quite easier for you to handle the web links that you come across in many of the apps.

Link Bubble opens the links present in the apps in the background while allowing you to view the main app. When you click on the link in the app then Android switches to the browser to open the link and you have to wait for the page to load. Link Bubble allows you to open the link in the floating window referred to as ‘Bubble’ while allowing you to use other apps in the foreground or even returning to the home screen.

When the loading of the link is complete, you can expand the bubble to covert screen with the new link. You can also go back by taping the current page. The bubble still stays on the screen and you can scroll it anywhere you like pretty much like Facebook Messenger’s chat heads. The prime focus is saving you from waiting for the pages to load while enabling you to spend your time in more meaningful activities.

Link Bubble

The free version of the app can only intercept one link from one app at a time. The paid version of the app doesn’t carry this limitation. Some more actions can be performed on these bubbles while dragging them around. You can easily drag the bubbles of links to either corner of the screen to share the link with the apps of your choice. You may also drag it to the ‘x’ bubble at the bottom to do away with it.

Bubble link also allows you to log the time that you have saved while the page loads in the background and you are running the app in the foreground. It also lets you access the previously viewed links from the history of apps that can also be wiped if required.


The gear icon button in the top right hand corner of the app allows you to access the settings of the app. You can specify the app from where you require Link Bubble to intercept links, customize the top-right and top-left link sharing bubbles. You can also toggle incognito mode and clear private data.

configure bubble

The links for downloading the free and Pro version of the app are provided below.

Download Link Bubble from Play Store (Free)

Download Link Bubble from Play Store (Pro Version)

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