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Sign Up To Earn Rewards At The Pampers

You are going to purchase many diapers all through your baby’s infancy. Every month a child goes through a number of diapers and you will note that it’s a big expense. If you purchase the Pampers product of diapers and child items, you can get rewards on Pampers website.

About Company:

The Pampers is one of globe’s popular products for manufacturing baby items, like wipes, pants and diapers. Pampers rewards to Grow program is a prize plan that you can get rewards simply by buying their items and then provide Pampers Gifts To Grow numbers hidden inside merchandise packages to earn prize points, redeem these points to offerings any as you like.

Step by Step Guide:

  • Visit pampers.ca and click on join now.
  • Enter you valid email address and type again for confirm.
  • Choose your password and after next retype it.
  • Type you first name and last name.
  • Enter screen name.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Choose a security question and then type below the answer of the question.
  • Enter you mobile phone number.
  • Enter you home address with street and also type your postal code.
  • Now you finishing the registration process and press the button ‘’Submit.’’

How To Earn Reward:

  • You need to have shopped at the company. When you purchase pampers and diapers brand items, you will perceive that within the warp-up there is a special 15-digit code that you have to enter on the online company’s website.
  • Sign in your account with company by using your email ID and password. Underneath the ‘’Gift to Grow’’ part, enter the special code and where you bought the product.
  • Look at the rewards list. After you have got enough reward’s point, you can check with the specialty products and toys found in their list. If you perceive a product that interests you, now you can make use your points to take it.


Pampers is well known company and their products are spread all over the world because of their high quality services and products. Moreover sign up now so you can receive 100 free points instantly.

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