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Perform Countless Actions by Edge Gestures on Android Using Navigation Layer

Many people are fans of using gestures rather than pushing and tapping buttons on their smartphone. Android only offers the native swipe down gesture from the top that brings up various things like notifications and settings. Even though Android doesn’t offer system wide edge gestures, there are apps that provide us this functionality. Navigation Layer might be the best one yet. It offers multiple gestures from the right, left and bottom edges of your screen. Each can be customized to perform any action of your choice, such as: music playback control, OS navigation, launching of app and task management.

Navigation Layer

Now before you start using the edge gestures, you need to make sure you have started Navigation Layer’s service; this is done by the first button on the home screen. Also, if you don’t want to launch the app every time you restart your device, tick the option ‘Start on boot’. When you use one of the app’s gestures, a vibration feedback is given by default. This is customizable through the ‘Edit Feedback’ option under ‘Personalization’.

Navigation Layer’s service

The regions from where you can do the gestures are called the gesture bars. There are three options available; the right left and bottom edges of your screen. You can resize the lengths and thickness by tapping on the ‘Edit Bars’ area.

Navigation Layer Settings

Now it’s time to set up the actions for the gestures. Go to the ‘Edit Actions’ area. There are five gestures available for each bar; up, down and right from the left edge, up down and left from the right edge and up, down and left for the bottom edge. Those are three gestures, plus long press and double tap are available for each bar as well; which makes it a total of five gestures for each bar. Now the actions that can be assigned to each gesture are plenty. You can open the last app, go to home screen, put device to sleep, clean Ram by killing active apps, control music and much more.

Navigation Layer Actions

Navigation Layer is definitely one of the top, if not the best, system wide edge gestures app. With three bars available and five gestures for each bar, you’ll be able to assign as many gestures as you want. And the list of actions is loaded with actions we do on a daily basis in our smartphone. Add on the face that it is completely free; Navigation Layer is essentially a must have app for any normal Android OS user. Give it a try and see how much easier it will make your smartphone navigation become. Download it from the Play Store here.

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