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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is derived for the betterment of the users and the owners of the website. It is designed to make sure that the environment of the site remains comfortable and friendly. The policies make sure that the rights of the users and the management are taken care of. Any user who is having the intentions to use the website is bound to follow the rules of policy otherwise he or she won’t be entertained by the website.

Tight Security

The initial assurance that is provided by the site is your secured information. There are many sites which are scams and are created only to get the information by the users and then to sell them onwards or to misuse them but our site follows all the legal rules of privacy and additionally also provides the users with the surety that their information will not be shared with any other party under any circumstances until any criminal record or activity by the user is observed.

The Essential Information And Requirements

  • No essential information is required by the site and there are no hard and fast conditions but some technical information is extracted by the site once the user gets on the site. This information is extracted for the protection of the user and the site both.
  • This technical information includes the name of the browser which is used by the user, name of the device which is being operated by the user, the name of the server and the operating system plus the IP address of the user is also noted down.
  • The personal information is not required by the user which includes the name of the user, age, gender along with a valid e-mail address, mailing address along with the zip until the user stays on doing general activity but once the user starts to demand access further into the website then the site demands this information and if the user declines to give this information then the site will deny him further access. It might happen that the access is granted but the site will not be able to function properly in certain parts which require the personal information essentially.
  • The information is used by the website in order to figure out some details regarding the user so that the website can solve his queries quickly figuring out the kind of problems the person must be facing. Additionally if the person has opted for getting latest notifications regarding the site then the site will only send him notifications which will attract his attention and this will only be known if the person is ready to share his information.

The Cookie Cracking

Our website has installed some cookies for better performance and to make the work of the site fast and active. These cookies get in through your system by the help of the cyber passage and work their way in to grant access to certain plug ins and applications so that they can perform well. However some users might have problem with these cookies so they can deny their access by going to “cookie settings” of their system. The cookies will not be allowed access but it might happen that the website will be unable to display some things or applications due to the cookie denial.

The Legal Copyrights

The content present on the website is collected with utmost hard work and search before it is composed and uploaded and that is why the owner only has the right to use the content according to his likings. The users can take benefit of the content as long as the content stays on the website but if the user is intending to use the content for personal benefits then he is restricted from doing so and if caught then will have to face legal actions and will be charged with the case of plagiarism.

Third Party Involvement

Third party assistance is very limited and the information is secured from getting leaked. The site team is very much honest with their work and love what they do. Helping others is their purpose and to maintain the site’s reputation in respectable ranks. That is why they under no circumstances let the information of the user leak plus the site is protected by strong spywares and firewalls to restrict any hacking or disturbance by external virus files and users.

Advertising And One Clicks

  • Google adsense is a very harmless way to advertise. They do not use any cookies and are very much beneficial that is why our site supports these ads. On the other hand there are other advertisements as well. These ads use cookies in order to display better performance to impress the customers. If the users don’t want these cookies to get in to their system then they should not click on such ads.
  • The privacy policy of our site does not apply to these ads and once the user clicks on these ads then he is directed to another site which is not bound to follow our privacy policy and might be having one of its own and our site is not responsible for its actions.
  • One should read these ads carefully before clicking on them. The site will not take the blame for any damage caused by these ads since they are paid ads and have no connection with the site.

The Privacy Protection Act Under The Children’s Online And Its Compliance

The content of the website is collected on the basses of its practical application and after lengthy search which means that the content is accepted only by the people who are adult and are having some experience. The acceptance of content given by a child under 13 is out of possibility but additionally the site also does not uploads any kind of data or information which is capable to appeal or attract any child who is under the age of 13.

We Are Not A Stagnant Pond

The site is active and attracts lots of users everyday which is why it encounters different situations daily. It is essential for the users of all age to follow these policies without any change. On the other hand the management of the site is having the power to devise any change in the policy according to the change in the situation.

The policy which is changed is added below the page so that the users who have read the policy already don’t have to read the policy again and again. They will come to know about the latest points simply by looking at the bottom of the page. No user holds the right to raise any allegation against the change and the decision of the site management will be taken and accepted as final. The deviation from the rule might cause the blockage of the user from the site.

Your Clicking Is A YES

The site will not make the users fill a form in order to ask them that whether they accept the privacy policy or not. It is automatically considered that the users accept the privacy policy once they start using the site and its applications along with the latest tools available on the site.

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