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Signup For Radio Canada Fusion Of Now And Then

If you are a fan of Radio Canada the definitely you will not only want all the updates but you will also require all the latest offers and applications offered for the listeners and the fans. You can not only install it in your system but you can also get all the online streaming along with taking part in lounge and getting benefits from the latest offers.

About Company:

Radio Canada is very famous and successful among the people of Canada.  They know perfectly how to cope up with the modern era and what their listeners expect from them. They provide so many varieties when it comes to their programs and shows that each and every person can adjust and enjoy.

Detailed Guide:

  • You must be having a system with an internet connection.
  • Click on the link radio-canada.ca and go to signup option.
  • Initially you must be having your user name which you will get while listening but if you don’t have one already then get one immediately by calling them on their Skype number.
  • Once you get your user ID then provide a password and then retype it.
  • Once you are done then click on the option “Sign Up”
  • You will have to accept the terms of uses and then you will have to follow the instructions to complete the rest of the procedure.
  • Once your account is created you will simply have to log in and then enjoy the facilities and applications you will get.
  • You can manage your account according to your preferences and then you can change them whenever you like to.


When you create your online account on Radio Canada you get access to a completely new level. You will be notifies whenever the radio is having a special event along with their details. You can also activate the notifications. You can get the list of all programs and you can also select the type of programs which are of your choice and get the news about them only. The Canadians are very much fond of sports and adventure and that is why the sports are more dominant since they make sure that people are getting what they like. Nothing is neglected at Radio Canada.

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