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Refer MasterCard To Your Friends & Earn 5000 Miles From Spirit

Having friends has never been so rewarding. Spirit brings an opportunity to earn rewards by refereeing friends and family MasterCard credit card. You will be rewarded with 5,000 bonus miles on referring plus 15,000 bonus miles after their first purchase!

  • 342You are required to open the link that is www.applyonlinenow.com/MGMapp/ReferralPage?cid=2121020&mboxSession=1427800469424-126428 in order to start online application.
  • Get access to the desired page by following the above link and provide the requested information in given fields.
  • Enter your personal information in first step.
  • Enter free spirit member number to track your rewards.
  • Enter member number again for confirmation.
  • Type your full name including your first name and surname in given fields.
  • You need to provide your ZIP code to track local deals, promotions and offers.
  • Enter your email address for electronic communication.
  • Next provide referral information in given fields.
  • Enter first name and email address.
  • Enter email address again for confirmation.
  • Click “Add More Friends” red button to add more friends in this account.
  • Once done, click the “Finish & Submit” red button.

Ending Note:

Complete and submit this online application form so company can add your bonus miles to your free spirit account.

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