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Retrieve FC Advisor Trust Desk Client Point Account Password

First Commonwealth Bank is great advisor and gives you best solutions to your problems. Join trust desk client point to access amazing services and tools. Simply get your access ID and password to login. To create a new account you need to provide information including payment history,account balances,credit history and SSN for security. Forgot password? Retrieve it today! Follow the sequence of steps given mentioned below.


  • Reset your password by following the link at clientpoint.fisglobal.com/tdcb/main/UserLogon?bankNumber=58&subProduct web address.
  • Once there, login to your account with your access ID and password associated with this account.
  • Click the “Sign In” button.
  • Need help logging in? If you forgot password, no need to worry at all. You will be able to recover account access by setting your password again.
  • Click the “Forgot Your Password” link and follow directions to get your new password.
  • Enter your access ID for account verification.
  • Set your new password by using directions.
  • You need to answer security question for verification.
  • Follow steps to retrieve your new password.

Ending Note:

Enjoy continue access to your FC advisor trust desk client point services with your new password. It will take about a minute to finish the process.

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