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Signup For RBC Online Banking In Canada

Centura bank was formed by Peoples Bancorp and Planters Corp from North Carolina on 2 November 1990. Royal bank of Canada acquired the Centura bank in 2001 and it was renamed as RBC bank. This bank is providing its customers the facility of online banking sitting in their homes without any time or region limitations one can access his account anytime he wants and can check his account status and also can make changes according to his needs.


  • You must have a computer which can access internet
  • You are needed to give your 10 minutes for the filling of form
  • You must have your RBC bank client number
  • You must have your checking and savings account of RBC bank
  • You must have debit card or credit card of RBC bank
  • You must be aware of basic knowledge about our RBC account


  • To sign in for online banking Visit: royalbank.ca
  • On homepage there is an option “sign in”, on the top right corner, click on it
  • On the next opened page there is a column given on the left side under the heading “online banking” there is an option “enroll now”, click on it
  • On the next page you are given the requirements read them carefully and then click on the button “continue”
  • A form is given on the next page there are four fields to be filled, in the first field you are required to enter your “RBC bank client number” in the given field
  • In the second field you are required to enter the 9 digit account number of “checking or savings account number” in the regarding field
  • In the fourth field you have to enter your name
  • Enter the 5 digit ZIP code or 6 digit postal code in the field under the heading “mailing address ZIP code (or postal code)”
  • After filling all the fields you have to click on the option “continue” then follow the next given instructions to complete the sign in process
  • If you are needed to have some more information regarding the online banking with RBC bank visit the following link www.rbcbank.com/customer-service/cid-298587.html


RBC bank has made the online banking so easier that on can access his account anywhere and anytime he wants.

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