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Runtastic Comes with Improved Version of Fitness-Tracking App

The fitness tracking app developed by Rustastic has fascinated users worldwide who are sensitive about their health and fitness. The app has racked up seventy million downloads ever since it was launched in 2009.

These amazing statistics cover the range of apps on all kind of platforms. Fitness tracking apps are designed for those who want reasonable body shape, while suggesting those also who want to build six packs. Although, there are plenty of apps introduced by Runtastic, yet the most popular of them is a GPS fitness tracker called as “Runtastic” that lets you monitor, analyze and record your every possible movement on the tracks or the road.


Recently, Rustastic has introduced plethora of features in its Android and iOS apps as briefly discussed below.

Runtastic 5.0

As obvious from screenshots below for Runtastic before and after improvement, we can see the main drawer has been modified to include new features for Android and iOS app. Some features might vary between platforms though. The design is roughly consistent nonetheless.

Runtastic 5.0

Runtastic running plans are now included in Android. Some features that were available only in PRO version have now been offered for free including live tracking and music player.

The music player has now been directly shifted into the app centered in the main window of the app. In addition to the music player, the Android users can also enjoy the services of Spotify, Google Music, SoundCloud, Pandora, and other Runtastic apps directly within the main interface. You can now easily pause tunes and skip tracks without any kind of intervention with the third-party services.

Runtastic apps

You can now customize the features on Android as well as iOS. Pressing long on the interface of the app allows you to set the icons according to your desire. Suppose, you are not concerned with the distance you travel, you can easily set the parameters to pace, duration, and heart rate. You may also observe the innovative hydration meter attached with your activities taking into consideration your personal stats and local weather conditions to suggest something about your hydration.

Runtastic Features

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