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Samsung Follows Suite of LG in Developing Bluetooth Connected Smart Bulbs

The major players in the phone markets are always striving to introduce innovative devices and gadgets which have led to some extraordinary technological developments recently. These companies are always fighting hard to not be outdone by others in the market. You can consider this the case with Samsung which has created an internet-connected led light bulb now following the approach of LG to make smart bulbs. These ‘Smart Bulbs’, as their name implies, are controllable with the aid of Bluetooth connectivity from smartphones or tablets.

Smart Bulbs

These smart bulbs developed by Samsung may be suited for daily purposes, and cannot become an entertainment source for you since they don’t change colors as opposed to their Philips counter parts.

The brightness of these smart bulbs can be easily adjusted to low and high levels. It can be dimmed up to 10% brightness. You can control the power varying from 2700k to 6500k. Samsung claims that you can run these bulbs for as long as 10 years.

Samsung may become the leader in smart bulbs and surpass Philips and LG due to the fact that Samsung possesses spotlight and tube models in their bulbs.

These awesome products were revealed at the Light+Building 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. The pricing and availability of the bulbs has not yet been announced. Samsung has announced that these bulbs will be available for commercial as well as domestic uses.

Samsung is already part of your homes in the form of a range of TV models, media players, phones, appliances and tablets. Now it desires to light up your life with the aid of these smart bulbs. These bulbs can easily fit into traditional bulb sockets. Due to Bluetooth connection, there is no need to have a central hub or switch as an access point. There is a direct communication channel between the controlling device and the bulb through Bluetooth. Users can have centralized control of 64 smart bulbs with the aid of a single device using the software that business users can avail with centralized management features.

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